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Transamerica Reinsurance Conversion from TAS and AXIS to Prophet

Pradeep led a team of actuaries in implementation of Prophet for Valuation and Modeling work for Transamerica Reinsurance.
This automated process allowed us to convert over 450 models consistently in a very short period of time. Testing was also greatly simplified.
As a project leader, Pradeep not only supervised the other actuaries but also helped them understand the process and the shortcomings of the previous systems.

He ensured that testing standards and templates were used appropriately and that converted models meet their standards.

He also checked the financial impact quantification work for US GAAP, US Stat and Embedded value.
Pradeep's personal responsibilities included:

  • Set up Prophet System for valuation and modeling,
  • Set up standards for Prophet codes/variable changes including standards for new products
  • Add Prophet code to handle many nuances of US GAAP, US Stat and Tax reserves
  • Set up DCS and maintaining DCS logic and related tables
  • Design the conversion process
  • Design and develop conversion programs to automatically convert binary TAS tables, multi-tables, and PDF specific information into appropriate structures for Prophet models.
  • Set up the process of converting models
  • Set up testing and approval standards (comparison templates for static validation and projection comparisons)
  • Set up the financial impact analysis workbooks for US GAAP, US Stat and Embedded value.

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