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Conversion From TAS and ARCVAL to AXIS for an international direct marketing company

System Selection
aAA helped them evaluate their valuation and modeling needs and select their new system.
Validation of Converted Models
The converted models are validated against the static valuation results obtained from ARCVAL and dynamic projection results obtained from the corresponding TAS models.
Systems Conversion
aAA is currently converting their life and health business to AXIS from ARCVAL (Valuation) and TAS (Modeling)
aAA is also involved with the development of the Economic Capital production environment using the AXIS models created from the conversion project.
Automated Conversion
  • Conversion from ARCVAL to AXIS is accomplished through a set of conversion programs which read and interpret various tables, multi-tables related to product features and era sets and associated valuation bases for US Stat, US Tax and GAAP reserves. This information is brought into AXIS through another set of programs which construct AXIS tables, rules tables, era-type rules tables, various composite and compound tables, and cell parameter tables.
  • Projection assumptions from TAS are read through a set of routines that read TAS binary file formats for tables, multi-tables, and PDF and convert them into AXIS tables of desired shapes along with related rules tables or era-type rules tables to populate the projection assumptions for the each cell.